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Microsoft Working To Fix Xbox Series X Controller Issues

Xbox Elite Controller 2

The owners of the Xbox Series X/S are currently struggling with controller problems. Numerous users have complained of slow responses and connection issues. Now Microsoft has recognized the problems and announced that it will soon provide a solution.

The Redmond-based company has confirmed this to The Loadout. The group emphasizes that all products offered are subjected to strict quality tests and that all players should be able to benefit from an “incomparable gaming experience”. The company is aware that the new Xbox controller for the Xbox Series X/S does not respond correctly to some users. Therefore, the team responsible for this is currently working on a solution.

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Microsoft recommends affected users to contact Xbox support. At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a sensible solution, so the players should wait for further reports from Redmond.

Buttons do not work correctly

In the past few weeks, some Xbox owners have been complaining about problems with the Y button on the new controller for the next-gen console. In many cases, the button should not react in time, so that certain actions in the game are not carried out. In addition to the Y button, the X and A buttons should also be affected.

Controller may be exchangeable

So far, Microsoft has not yet given an exact date when a solution to the problems should be available. If you have only recently bought your controller, you can exchange the device for a faultless copy under the guarantee.

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