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Guild Wars 2 is coming with the third expansion

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has been one of the strongest online RPGs to date – it has endured for about eight years in spite of rivalry from heavyweights like World of Warcraft, also its own difficulties. Furthermore, apparently the game has a lot of life left. ArenaNet has reported that it’s chipping away at a third Guild Wars 2 development. There are scarcely any subtleties that the engineer isn’t in any event, talking essential highlights or story, however, it released concept art indicating an Asia-themed setting.

ArenaNet is preparing a huge number of occasions meanwhile, including a couple of celebrations, another Living World scene with a region centred capture mode and the arrival of the Tournament of Legends in late-spring. While it’s not satisfactory precisely what the number of individuals is playing Guild Wars 2 at this phase in its history (gauges pegged its active client base at 1.5 million of every 2018), there’s unmistakably enough to warrant a third extra. The accomplishment is no little accomplishment for a game that has not exclusively been viewed as a dark horse on occasion, yet doesn’t depend on the month to month memberships you every now and again observe with online RPGs.

In its present structure, Guild Wars 2 core game is free-to-play – you predominantly pay to extend past that list of capabilities. On the off chance that ArenaNet is anxious to begin taking a shot at a third development, that shows exactly what number of players are eager to surrender cash when it isn’t totally important to play.

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