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Sony To Unveil PS5 Specs And System Architecture Tomorrow

Sony has been working well on the promotion of Xbox, Sony can’t sit still the company is now ready to release specific details of PS5. Last night, PlayStation ‘s official Twitter announced officially that at 9 am Pacific Time on March 18th, which is 4:00 pm GMT on the 19th March, PS5 Chief Architect Mark Cerny will bring in-depth information on the PS5 system architecture to players.

The disclosure time of PS5 is a bit later than PS4. At the beginning of 2013, Sony had announced that it would hold a press conference on February 20 of that year and announced PS4 at the press conference. As for PS5, so far, they have only disclosed some basic information through third-party media. Detailed specifications such as specific hardware configurations have not been announced at all. 

Although we generally have a bottom line, there are all things from the AMD family, all are Zen 2 + RDNA 2, but just like the previous generation host, even a slight gap under the same hardware architecture will have a greater impact on the actual performance of the host, a part of the reason for the successful launch of PS4 can be attributed to its hardware is slightly stronger than the opponent.

So there are still a lot of puzzles on the PS5 waiting for the official unveiling and answer the questions. We can expect one thing from the message that Sony is bringing something interesting in PS5 which could really shape the future of games. The company is already pushing AI in gaming and cameras which could be seen in the new console as well.

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