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This Gunshot Detecting System will Reduce the Crime Rate

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To fight back the crime, the technology is growing fast. The tech experts with the help of lawmakers are working hard to control the rising number of gun crimes. And this calls for a gunshot detecting system – ShotSpotter.

This gunshot-detecting system mainly runs on three parts:

  • An audio device which can detect a gunshot. This device is smart enough to detect a real gunshot.
  • A crime-zone locator. This component will calculate the crime location based on its audio device.
  • There is a visual component attached to a ShotSpotter system. It creates an image based on the heat produced by the friction of a bullet.

ShotSpotter has been in use for long and it’s widely used by a military force. As of the rising gun crimes, this technology is improvising to reduce the time to reach the crime location.

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Police Departments to Use the Gunshot Detecting Systems

ShotSpotter with an ability to detect and locate gunshots is gaining its popularity among the cities with high firearm crime rates. Recently, the Chicago Police Department announced that they’ll be expanding the ShotSpotter system as of the rising number of gun crimes.

The CPD commanders told the media that they’ll be distributing 150 cells with an app to deliver shooting incidents in their judicial areas. The department claims to observe a reduction in the firearm crimes and a further reduction is expected as of the expansion of this gunshot detecting system.

South Africa is one the countries where firearm crimes are at the highest level. According to a report, a total of 8.3 firearm deaths were recorded in 2010. This figure is taken from a sample of 100,000 persons.

Fighting back the firearm crimes, Cape Town is leading its way to installing gunshot-detecting systems. In a recent news, the authorities disclosed that they’re now using ShotSpotter to monitor gun crimes.

They also told that they’ll be using drones to link with ShotSpotter to trace the criminal’s home. Not only this, these drones will also help in detecting the suspicious persons in the city.

The Omaha Police Department will also be combating the crime with this gunshot-detecting system. The OPD captain Scott Gray told in an interview that with the use of ShotSpotter, officers nearby could manage to reach the crime location on time. This could both help in catching the armed person and rescuing the victim.

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Gunshot Detecting Systems can’t Control Violence

Where police and other forces are hoping to see a decline in firearm crimes with ShotSPotter, there have been some questions about this system.

NRATV host Grant Stinchfield recently shared his critics about the use of these gunshot detecting devices. According to him, the police departments need to focus on real-time factors. They need to be aggressive in reducing the gun crimes.

Another such response came from Chicago Sun-Times when an editorial raised a fact that these gunshot-detecting systems are effective as long as they produce a sound. But they can’t be detected if a gun silencer is used.

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An Improved Gunshot Detecting System

Although, ShotSPotter does have some limitations, but it can be hoped that the tech experts will work it out, as they have now. A once no such gunshot detecting system now being installed widely is a better system than not having one, at all.

ShotSpotter has already started on the updating their system. Recently, they have launched their new mobile app which can be used anytime, anywhere to alert gunfires.

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