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Find Out the Top 3 Startups from Startup Rumble

Startup Rumble

For those of us complaining that Pakistan is all out of opportunities, let me take you to the Startup Rumble.

Startup Rumble is a byproduct of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum of Pakistan (MITEFP). This platform allows young minds to share their unique ideas with MITEFP in just 350 words. This program, like any other startup programs, will allow you to find a sponsor and take your program to the next level.

Recently, Startup Rumble held a 2-day conference at the Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore. In this conference more than 150 startups showed up. With 30+ angel investors willing to invest in these promising ventures, Startup Rumble helped build a bridge between the young entrepreneurs and the angel investors.

The conference was a blast with some top performing entrepreneurs gaining public attention. These young startup companies came with some new ideas which might result in reshaping the IT industry of Pakistan.

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Top 3 Startups from the Startup Rumble


Gallaa - Startup Company Lahore

This is a platform where individuals can unite by depositing a sum of money in a form of a committee.

So for instance, you’re living in Karachi running a business. You’re planning an investment to grow your stock. You know that you can generate a good profit once you have that stock at your premises. But you’re short of cash.

Another guy living in Lahore is planning an investment in buying a piece of land in a growing real estate project. But he also suffers from the same problem – short of cash.

Now, both of these can help one another if they can unite the cash in hand. One of them can utilize the cash and return it to the second when gained a certain amount of profit.

Galllaa is sort of a savings plan where wealth is pooled up from different sources helping each source to achieve their targets and then returning back the wealth they owe.

This application will be available within Pakistan for now, but the company plans to expand their reach once they gain popularity.

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CampusFeed - Startup Company Lahore

This is a social networking mobile app which is specially designed for on-campus networking.

As the name sounds, this app is for educational institutes. With this mobile app you can access available information about the campus you’re currently standing in. You can learn about the courses the campus offers, the faculty, and the likes and dislikes of the university.

It’s more like Facebook, where it focus on one thing only i.e. educational institutes. The best part is when you post something, it goes viral as anonymous.

LUMS, BNU, and LSE are already using this mobile app on their campuses. While others are in the queue.

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Nutright - Startup Company Lahore

Health is vital to anyone. And obesity is one the things which really harms our health.

In 2014, a young fellow aimed to cut off the extra 120 pounds from his body, which he gained during the course of his ill-eating habit. It took ten months to get rid of these extra pounds but as he lost this weight, he came up with an idea.

This young fellow shared a method to get rid of an obese body while not going to a gym. Nutright is a mobile app which helps you maintain a healthy diet plan without the need to go to a nutritionist. The app while telling you the lost weight, the daily food plan, and more solutions to a healthy body.

This mobile app is going to be the first of its kind from Pakistan and can help us jump down from the list of top obese nations to a healthier nation.

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Start Your Journey with Startup Rumble

If you too have a flair to help Pakistan grow by becoming an entrepreneur, you must join a platform like Startup Rumble. All you need is a great idea and sending your application to the right startup incubator.

Choose Your Startup Incubator and Become an Entrepreneur

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