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Hackers Selling Netflix Accounts For $4 A Month After Reactivating Dead Accounts

There has been an increase in the number of complaints by Netflix users that they have been charged even after they have canceled their account, one could think of that it was a technical issue on Netflix’s side that keeps charging the users after they have canceled their subscription.

However, there is another possibility of the accounts being hacked and renewed, it makes it even easier for the hackers because Netflix’s renewal doesn’t require credit card information, the company stores data for 10 months after the account has been canceled just to make the process simple and speedy if someone wishes to renew the subscription after some time.

In this, case the hackers only have to hack the account and change the password and renew the account and the original owner cannot do anything about it.  Previously, Disney+ had the same issue when it was launched in the United States.

The terrible thing is that these reactivated Netflix accounts are being stolen openly on social media, websites and online retailers such as eBay for as little as $3. If you search for Netflix accounts on Facebook you may find tons of accounts there, you can also find accounts on individual websites or online retailers like eBay.

Not only Netflix accounts, but you may also find accounts for other streaming services like Hulu, HBO, ESPN, and others. According to a researcher mostly people who are involved in this shady business are operating from India, and there some Payment options that are Indian Payment services, however, PayPal and Gpay are also offered as payment options. There is also one possibility of bulk selling, for instance, the website screenshot earlier has been selling a shared account, so from a business point of view if you as a company purchased a premium account for $15 a month and sell to 4 different people who can share the account then you can make $5. In this case, it might be acceptable for but a lifetime account for £19 on eBay and more or less similar offers don’t make any sense other than hacked and renewed accounts.