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Hackers Used Google Cloud To Mine Cryptocurrencies


Anyone who does not adequately protect their Google Cloud account must expect hackers to use the account to mine cryptocurrencies. The search engine company has now recognized the danger and recommends the use of two-factor authentication.

The new Threat Horizon report shows that 86 percent of recently hacked cloud accounts were used to mine cryptocurrencies. 50 compromised accounts were examined. The attackers store the prepared software in the cloud storage. The user’s PC usually downloads the program within 22 seconds after the accounts are hacked. Weak security settings or insecure third-party software ensure that the malicious code is executed automatically.

The installed mining software uses the user’s resources to generate crypto values. Of course, the mined cryptocurrency is not credited to the owner of the computer, but to the attackers. The program can ensure a very high load and in the long run, can even shorten the life of a computer considerably.

Phishing Email Stole Data

Many hackers use phishing emails or leaked data records to get access to cloud accounts. According to the report, the hacking group ATP28 sent around 12,000 such emails to Gmail accounts. Google has since blocked the emails.

In order to minimize the risks considerably, Google advises users to activate two-factor authentication. The corresponding options can be found in the security menu of the Google account settings. The additional authentication makes it difficult for hackers to take over accounts with leaked passwords. In addition, companies, in particular, should implement security mechanisms to identify gaps.