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Github Back Online After Several Hours Of Outage


The developer platform Github was completely offline for several hours – Microsoft was only able to take countermeasures and bring the service online again after a downtime of over two hours. What caused this massive disruption is still unclear.

In the United States, many services will only be emergency staffed this weekend as Thanksgiving is celebrated. At this point in time, Github is now reporting massive problems. Developers initially reported that they could not access their projects, then access to the website was also disrupted. Microsoft investigated a number of issues affecting GitHub actions, API requests, codespaces, Git operations, issues, GitHub packages, GitHub pages, pull requests, and webhooks. Basically, the platform was temporarily unusable.

Microsoft Fixed It Quickly

The problems started on November 27th when Microsoft posted an update on the GitHub status page at 8:43 PM UTC stating that it was “investigating reports of performance degradation in GitHub actions.” Shortly thereafter, the report of the investigation of the deteriorated availability of pull requests, GitHub packages, API requests, and more followed. On the downdetector.com page, the disturbance was clearly evident on Sunday night.

Over the next two hours, more and more problems emerged. At 22:59 UTC, the company announced, “We have identified the cause of the problem and are working to resolve the problem.”

A short time later it was said: “This incident has been resolved“. The cause of the serious disorder has not yet been reported. As it currently looks, all functions can be used again as usual.

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