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HBO to launch Game Of Thrones Behind The Scenes Series

You must be waiting anxiously for the last episode of Game of Thrones in the season 7 a day ago but it’s now the end, for this year. There are no more episodes that could take your breath for a while and give you goose bumps simultaneously, but you must be getting flashbacks in your head after you have ended watching complete season 7.

What now? The season 8 of course but that is a long way to go for season 8, in order to keep your interest intact HBO is planning something special for you.

HBO is planning to air a whole new behind-the-scenes season for you. It will give the premium network viewers a complete seven-episodes show named “Game Revealed”.

HBO has uploaded the first episode on Facebook and YouTube for all to watch, you might have watched HBO’s behind the scenes after each episode, you may see some of the same footage in the Game Revealed but that is only 5 minutes preview.

Behind-the-scenes series will stretch far longer than the preview; the one embedded is 13 minutes long unveiling season seven’s premiere episode. There is still a lot of content to watch while waiting for the season 8 which doesn’t have any release date yet.

You will be able to watch behind-the-scenes series on HBO Now, HBO Go, HBO on Demand and other partners and affiliates.

Let’s have a look what you will get to watch in future episodes: