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HBO Max Making Game Of Thrones Cartoon

HBO is venturing into another Game of Thrones “experiment”. As has now become known, they are working on an animated series that will now tell the stories. That comes from a report by Hollywood Reporter.

As has now been announced, HBO Max is already working on an animation adaptation (via Film.tv). Internal sources told Hollywood Reporter that meetings with writers for a potential series are ongoing. It’s about planning a new cartoon version of Game of Thrones. It should therefore be a third spin-off of the popular series.

Early development at HBO Max

According to the information so far, the animated “Game of Thrones” is still in the early stages of development at HBO Max. Like the original, the series should be tailored for an adult audience. According to the sources, no binding contracts have yet been concluded. It is possible that the animated series never comes about. But she has a big advantage when shooting with “real” actors, especially due to the restrictions caused by Corona.

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What is already clear, however, is another story of the Game of Thrones makers: The shooting of “House of the Dragon” will start shortly. The story behind the famous epoch-making series should be told. But that’s not all that the makers of Game of Thrones are planning. House Of The Dragon is slated to launch on HBO Max next year. So far, all preparations for production are on schedule despite Corona. It is still unknown when, however, the first parts of the cartoon series can be expected.

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