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LG Launches Windows 10 App To Pair Phones With PC

LG Virtoo

Microsoft’s “Your Phone” application has become an indispensable part of many Windows 10 users’ application library, the reason is simple, it allows them to pair Android devices with PCs. In other words, if you have a compatible Android phone, such as Samsung’s flagship phone, you can use it to synchronize your mobile device with a Windows 10 device, and you can access certain content, such as messages, gallery, and even directly on the desktop. Run Android apps on it.

LG’s mobile phones are not part of it because they are not currently supported, but it seems that the mobile phone manufacturer itself does not want to wait for Microsoft to bring such features to its devices. So now, the company is developing its own application to synchronize LG phones with Windows 10 devices, and the first version is already online in the Microsoft Store.

This application called “Virtoo by LG” relies on Bluetooth to pair the PC and smartphone, and then allows users to use certain functions on the computer.

“Virtoo by LG” is a smartphone application for LG PC users. It can make a Bluetooth connection between a smartphone and a PC, allowing users to use various functions of the smartphone on the PC. Use Virtoo by LG to enjoy a more comfortable computing environment. “Wrote in the application description.

However, it is worth knowing that not all models and functions can be used by everyone, so even if there are special applications to synchronize with Windows 10 devices, LG devices still have some limitations.

LG users can get the app from here: