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Here are the Top 4 features coming to iOS 12.2 update

After fixing few minor bugs in iOS 12.1.3, Apple has released a new version of iOS, 12.2.

The company has released the beta version of iOS 12.2 to developers on January 24, 2019. Currently, the beta version of iOS 12.2 is not publicly available.

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The developers those are registered with Apple can easily download the beta version of iOS by visiting this link from the device on which they want the run the version.

Here are some features;

1- The company, Apple had recently announced that AirPlay is coming to a bunch of smart TVs this year and the recently launched iOS 12.2 starts to add support for them. You can find these in the Home app, and the design of the TV Remote control center tile has also been updated.

2- The latest iOS update will bring Apple News to Canada. In the beta version of iOS 12.2, the number of the sources of news is limited, but the number is expected to be increased before the final release of iOS 12.2.

3- While using iOS 12.2, the Safari browser will list the sites as “Note Secured” that do not use HTTPS. The ‘not secured’ tag will be appeared in the menu bar. This tag will only appear if the site that do not use HTTPS requested a password or credit card number. The recently launched update added blue arrows in the Google search suggestions, the function of the arrows is to add those search terms to the search bar.

4- After updating your device to iOS 12.2 beta, in Setting> Maps, there is a new climate section with toggles for Weather Conditions and Air Quality Index. In the previous versions of iOS, there was no option to turn the weather conditions off, and the Air Quality Index is entirely new. At the lower right corner of the Map view, the Weather Conditions and Air Quality Index will be appeared.