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Meizu to launch world’s first holeless smartphone: Meizu Zero

Meizu has gone one step ahead in innovation and working on a new smartphone which is truly full screen with no holes on it not on the screen, display, earphone, grills, speakers, charging port or anything.

Dubbed Meizu Zero world be the first ever smartphone which will have no holes in it, you might be thinking how you will charge the phone, where to put the sim card or headphone jack and how to listen to the phone calls.

Well, Meizu has introduced a substitute for all these activities, you can charge the phone with wireless charging, the phone will feature ScreenSound, use eSim, and have virtual pressure buttons instead, Ben Geskin tweeted.

People may not get used to the technology which Meizu is taking on quite easily because it takes time to get used to the new things, some people may have disliked it in the beginning because of the fact they prefer to put things inside the whole for their satisfaction but Meizu’s initiative is heading towards a new smartphone era where everything is truly wireless.

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