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Honda Is Going To Launch Electric Battery Car In China By 2018

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Japanese giant Honda motors is not going to let the new startups gab the market, as Chinese startup is starting mass production soon in China which specifically focuses on electric cars. Company’s senior executive said, Honda will launch all-electric car in China by 2018 because, the demand for electric cars is increasing all over.

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Chief of Honda’s China Business Yasuhide Mizuno to media while attending Shanghai Auto Show on Wednesday the company is developing electric vehicle and expected to finish the project by the end of next year, the car is expected to arrive in the showrooms by then.

Mizuno also said that Plugin Hybrid cars are also in the production line, as demand for hybrid cars is also on the rise, not sure when these models will be added into the Chinese market.

Chinese government is following policy which becomes tougher for auto-makers to follow, the new rules are likely to be implemented next year, requires auto makers to generate 8% of their overall sales in China with plugin cars, fully electric or hybrid.

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Car manufacturers in China are not struggling to develop more New Energy Vehicles in order to keep their sales perpetual and more profitable.

After hitting the Chinese market, Honda may expand its electric models in the neighborhood, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Srilanka can also expect new cluster of electric cars from Honda in next couple of years.

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