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Facebook Mind Reading Technology Unveiled At The Event

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Optical Brain Sensors will allow the users to type 100 words per minute just thinking

There were rumors around about the Facebook pursing mind reading and control system few months ago, but Facebook has now revealed this secret project of developing “mind reading” system which will enable people to hear from their skin and communicate with their thoughts.

Sounds crazy right? Would it be possible? Well this is technology which could turn us into robots in future.

Facebook is currently developing optical sensors that will allow to type at 100 words per minute speed while thinking of the text that has to be written down, and radical touch interfaces that will transmit information by putting pressure on skin.

Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s secretive building said, “We wish to develop products that recognize us as both mind and body”

She also said, “In my entire life I haven’t seen anything powerful than a smartphone which doesn’t have any unintended consequences, smartphone has allowed us to connect to people far away from us, at the expense of people just few steps away from us”

Dugan explained that this technology when it will become a reality would allow us to text a friend without even touching a phone and taking it out, or send an email without leaving your gathering.

We have just started with this project, few months ago we had an idea, and now we have a team of 60 working on this project and one, we have a goal of typing 100 words per minute from your thoughts. Much of the technology that is needed to complete this project doesn’t even exist, she admitted.

We need new noninvasive sensors to measure brain activity, but unfortunately no such technology is available right now, we believe optical imaging is the way to start with.

‘Your brain also contains semantic information that tells us what a world means. Understanding this means one day you could choose to share your thoughts independent of language.
‘If we can make it possible to communicate directly from your brain, what if you could hear through your skin?

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‘People can learn to interpret bumps as language with braille, we are wired to communicate and connect – what if we could transmit information via skin.’

Dugan shows off a system using actuators on a researcher’s arm that transmits words via skin, with the researcher learning to associate touches with words.

‘It’s amazing,’ she said.

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‘If you ask Francis what she feels, she says she has learnt to feel the acoustic shape of an object on her arm.
‘If we put these two things together, they suggest one day it may be possible for me to think in mandarin, and for you to feel it instantly in Spanish

‘Imagine the power this would give to people who can;t read or write, but can think and feel,’ before admitting ‘these things are still a few years away’.

It comes a day after Mark Zuckerberg unveiled Facebook‘s augmented reality system – and confirmed rumours the firm is developing a ‘mind control’ brain interface.