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Hong Kong to replace BBC with Chinese Radio

Hong Kong official radio said it will soon replace its 24-hours BBC radio broadcast with Chinese state-owned programs, critics on Saturday said this is a move called “mainlandisation”

Though Hong Kong is considered autonomous territory of China and maintains its separate political and economic system from China the recent criticism does not set it apart from China and classed it as “mainlandisation”.

Since 1978 BBC World is being broadcasted in Hong Kong until today, but now China National Radio with Hong Kong Edition (CNR) would replace the BBC world in Hong Kong according to—AFP.

Some people see it as the city of Hong Kong is making a strategic alliance with China.

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Pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo told AFP, “This is the first step forward towards mainlandisation in Hong Kong”. Chinese authorities may also feel that people in Hong Kong were not patriotic enough, she added.

She also said Chinese might be thinking they should be reigned and taught to feel Chinese, the motive behind the move. The move comes after people started to realize that Beijing is strangling the freedom of semi-autonomous cities.

Hong Kong residents expressed their views about the move on social media including Facebook and Twitter in order to condemn the move.