Google rolls out Voice Recognition Speech-to-text in Urdu Now

Google said it yesterday that it has rolled out text-to-speech recognition in more than 119 languages now including Urdu.

You can now speak in Urdu which Google will recognize and perform the desired task, Google Gboard on android would let you do this in Urdu.

Google has worked with native speakers and their samples to make it possible to incorporate 119 different samples of languages.

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The new languages including Urdu are now available in cloud speech API and soon will be available on all Google products and apps including Google translate app.

Google previously updated “ROMAN URDU CONVERSION” into Urdu text, you can use Roman Urdu to type actual Urdu script using Google Gboard. When you type “Kia Hal Hai” it will be automatically converted into the Urdu language.

To make it happen you just need to download the Google Gboard from Play store and start using it.

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