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Honor 50 Series Confirmed With Google Services

Honor 50 Series

The former Huawei subsidiary Honor is about to return to Europe and, with the Honor 50 series, plans to bring its first two new smartphones onto the market in Europe since the spin-off last year. It has now been confirmed: Google is on board.

Honor had actually announced the introduction of new smartphones, including Google apps and services, a few months ago when company boss George Zhang made a corresponding announcement. In the run-up to the market launch of the Honor 50 series, there were already indications that Honor would also implement these plans.

Now it has once again been officially confirmed via Twitter: the Honor 50 series is starting in Europe with Google Mobile Services. This means that both the Google apps and the Google Play Store will work to the full. In addition, there will be no problems with third-party apps such as banks, game manufacturers, and other developers where Google Mobile Services (GMS) are a prerequisite for proper functioning.

Honor 50 Series

With the introduction of the Honor 50 including Google Mobile Services, it is now confirmed that Honor does not suffer from the same restrictions that apply to the former parent company Huawei due to the far-reaching US embargo. Huawei cannot offer any Google software on its smartphones, so the Play Store is also affected. Due to these regulations, the sales of Huawei smartphones have been falling massively for some time.

Due to the spin-off from Huawei, Honor can now act independently and has taken over a large part of the employees and partner relationships of the smartphone division of the Chinese group. The Honor 50 is appropriately modern, with a 6.57-inch OLED display with FHD resolution, a 108-megapixel main camera, and a Snapdragon 778G Octacore SoC from Qualcomm with an integrated 5G modem. In terms of price, it starts at 499 euros in most parts of Europe.