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Honor presents the Watch GS3 and the Earbuds 3 Pro as accessories for the Magic4 Pro

Honor has announced two new connected accessories to accompany the launch of the Magic4 Pro, the first high-end smartphone to arrive in Europe. The first is the Honor Watch GS 3 which replaces the Magic Watch 2. And the second is the Earbuds 3 Pro headphones that have joined the ranks of the brand’s audio offering. The prices of these accessories range from 199 euros to 249 euros.

Yesterday, Honor lifted the veil on the Magic4 Pro, of which we have published the full review. This smartphone symbolizes the brand’s ambition in the high-end segment, as it is positioned at 1099 euros. A smartphone at this price had never been offered in Europe and some parts before. And yet, despite this amount, the Magic4 Pro is not that expensive, given the equipment on offer. Indeed, it offers an experience worthy of a Find X5 Pro, for example, but for a price that is 200 euros lower.

During the presentation of the Magic4 Pro, Honor also took the opportunity to announce two new connected accessories that will perfectly match the Magic4 Pro. It’s a connected watch, the Honor Watch GS 3, and a pair of headphones, the Magic Earbuds 3 Pro. These are two accessories that won’t be available until May 30, such as the Magic4 Pro (which benefits from a pre-order campaign). You don’t have to run to the store to buy them. But let’s take the opportunity to present them all the same.

Honor Watch GS 3: the replacement for the Magic Watch 2 gets more expensive

Let’s start with the Honor Watch GS 3† It replaces the Magic Watch 2 we tested two years ago (time flies). It takes its positioning: a watch that is more design than sport, with a 46 mm round dial, a steel case, two mechanical buttons on the edge, and standard lugs to position any type of bracelet. The watch is available in two versions: “midnight black”, with a black case and polycarbonate sports strap, and “ocean blue”, with a steel case and blue vegetable leather strap. There is also a “classic gold” version, but it is not offered in the European mainland.

On the side of the technical sheet, we find a 1.43 inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 326 pixels per inch battery of 451mAh offers an autonomy of about 15 days (without change), biometric sensors, dual autonomous GPS, 4 GB internal storage (mainly for music) and IP68 and 5ATM water resistance. The price is 229 euros in black and 249 euros in the blue version (because leather is more expensive).

Earbuds 3 Pro: Dual Speaker, Adaptive Noise Canceling and 24-Hour Battery Life

Let’s continue with the Earplugs 3 Pro, a name that could suggest that there are Earbuds 2 Pro. And that is certainly true… but not in France. Indeed, the Honor brand has recently been relaunched in the old continent. As a result, many affiliate products derived from the Huawei catalog have not had an international launch. After the Earbuds 2 Lite, sold today for less than 100 euros and launched with the Honor 50 (which we also tested), the Earbuds 3 Pro, therefore, amplifies Honor’s audio proposition. Reinforcement from above, as these new headphones are offered at 199 euros We find an 11mm diaphragm to send bass and mids. It is accompanied by a piezoelectric tweeter to round out the treble and vocals. Added to this is adaptive active noise cancellation, a bit like the Sony Linkbuds S that we tested this week.

The idea is to reduce or increase the noise reduction depending on the environment without intervention. Honor promises a maximum discount that can be canceled up to 46 decibels The headphones have a bone sensor for voice isolation during calls. They would benefit from low gaming latency but within a reduced limit. Finally, the brand promises an autonomy of Play music for 24 hours, without active noise reduction, without HD audio, with the volume at 50%, and including the battery of the box. The box is compatible with wired (USB type-C) and wireless charging. Finally, the headphones are protected from splashes and sweat, but not from a good bath.