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Apple Music To Stream live concerts Soon

Apple Music just announced the launch of a new “Apple Music Live” concert series featuring the industry’s best musicians and artists. The event kicks off with Harry Styles performing live in New York on May 20.

As of this week, Apple Music is going to live stream some concerts from great artists as part of his Apple Music Live project. This new feature kicks off with a Harry Styles concert to be held on Saturday, May 21, in conjunction with the release of his third album, Harry’s House. Harry Styles’ “One Night Only in New York” concert, taking place at the UBS Arena in Belmont Park, will be available to stream exclusively to Apple Music subscribers in 167 countries worldwide the company announced.

This will therefore be an opportunity for the singer’s fans to discover for the first time the new songs from his third album. Chances are it will be a hit, knowing that CD sales have picked up again, a first in 20 years.

Apple Music app launches in live concerts

According to Apple, the new concert series is intended to give musicians the opportunity to perform on stage and connect with their audience. The Harry Styles concert starts Saturday evening at 2 o’clock GMT. It is important to note that if you subscribe to Apple Music, the concert is completely free and directly accessible through the application.

Replays of the performance will be available May 22 at 6pm French time and May 26 at 11am. Apple has not yet announced whether the “Apple Music Live” concerts will be available for replay on demand, nor the next artists to take the stage in the coming weeks. If you’re still not subscribed to Apple Music, we remind you that Apple recently put a limit on the three-month trial period. You can still enjoy the concert with the 30-day trial period, and your subscription will then be charged at 9.99 euros per month if you decide to follow it. If you opt for a family subscription, you pay 14.99 euros per month for 5 profiles.