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Honor V40 Real Image Exposes Camera

Honor V40

Huawei’s Honor V40 has been making rounds of rumours, leaks and speculations for the last few weeks, earlier the device had leaked camera design which showed chronographic camera module, later the device’s screen was exposed with waterfall design, and then we had some rumours about the launch date of the device.

Now for sure, the release of Honor V40 is getting closer, more details about the device also surfaced and to be exposed frequently. A few days ago, a group of real device hands-on and store posters that were suspected to be Honor V40 have been circulating on the Internet, showing the back design and colour of the phone.

As shown in the figure, the Honor V40 rear adopts a rectangular camera layout with four cameras. The camera area seems to be colour-differentiated, which is darker than the back cover of the phone, similar to a colour contrast design. The earlier rumoured chronographic camera design is not discarded after seeing the real image of the device.

The poster also shows some of the parameters of the device, such as 1 billion color retina super-sensing screen, 50 million super-sensitive images and so on.

In terms of colour matching, the phone provides at least three colours, including black and blue-green gradients, orange-gold gradients, etc. The front is a 6.72-inch ring screen with an 80-degree arc and supports a high refresh rate of 120Hz.

In terms of core configuration, Honor V40 will be equipped with Dimensity 1000+ processors. The biggest suspense is the price. The pricing is geometric, still waiting to be announced.

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