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New Huawei Patent: Hidden Front Camera Renders

Huawei under display

Huawei patented under-display camera a few months ago, along with another patent for the secondary display. Today a Dutch technology blog LetsGoDigital reported that: In May 2020, Huawei submitted a high-end smartphone design patent in China, which shows that it uses a futuristic screen edge and rear zoom four-camera design. On January 12, 2021, the State Intellectual Property Office officially announced this Huawei patent to the outside world. According to the document, 7 sketches and 2 colour renderings are attached.

The front of the device has an ultra-narrow four-sided frame, and the top edge position can display interesting information such as time, power, and dual-card network signal strength. With such a unique design, the main screen can be used to display more content.

In addition, the opening position of the front camera is not shown in the rendering. We guess that this concept phone will adopt the hidden front camera (UDC) solution under the screen.

The metal frame of the device is also quite special. It not only extends elegantly to the four corners but also helps prevent serious damage to the screen of the already quite thin device when it is dropped.

In terms of the rear camera, Huawei arranged the square four-camera module of the device in the centre of the top of the back, and the flash is located at the bottom left of the lens.

And from the side, the latter module has relatively obvious protrusions. Based on this speculation, the device should be equipped with an extraordinary zoom lens (similar to P40 Pro Plus / Mate 40 Pro Plus).

Considering that the zoom is more rounded, LetsGoDigital speculates that the listed is more likely to be listed under the P series. As usual, Huawei may release the P50 series in March and the Mate 50 series in October.

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