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How anyone can easily acquire an illegal European Passport through Facebook

BBC recently shared a video showing how anyone can easily acquire an illegal EU passport through Facebook.

BBC went undercover to investigate how illegally EU passports are traded in Turkey. The passports are brought on sale from those refugees who are planning to leave Europe.

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So here is the story

There are many Facebook groups where people are buying and selling passports, travel documents and European residency IDs illegally. So a BBC undercover worker clicked on a group that has over 5000 active members. In the group, they posted that they are looking for a passport for a 30 years old person. Within hours the post received almost a dozen responses.

Then in order to meet the person who sent them a response, the BBC team members posed as a Syrian couple hoping to go to Europe. They are going to meet the person who calls himself ‘a broker’. BBC undercover couple then reported that these men they met claim to have dozens of genuine documents for sale. The broker gave the couple a passport and said that the passport still works under EU. If they use it everything will be fine. It’s 100% genuine. They brought it from the refugees who were planning to leave Europe. They further said that if you look similar to the passport holder, you can easily travel on it. So in just a few hours, the BBC workers acquired the illegal German refugee travel document which Germans call the Blue Passport.

So to acquire an illegal European passport the procedure is very simple. From talking to a broker on Facebook, then meeting him and in a few hours having the passport in your hand. With the passport, any traveler can travel around the EU Schengen territory. It is a moment of concern for these countries that how easily fake documents are being sold and anybody can enter their territory illegally.