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How are QLED TVs different from Neo QLED TVs?


Samsung has introduced a wide range of TV products. These TV series comprise LCD, QLED, and QD-OLED TVs. However, if we get into the details of these products we get to know that QLED TVs are better than Traditional LCD TVs.

As previously discussed, the use of pure red, green, and blue colors from QLED panels is capable of improving the overall picture quality in contrast to traditional LCD panels. This results in QLED TVs displaying wider and more vibrant colors, particularly reds and yellows.

The high-priced Neo QLED TVs by Samsung also uses a quantum dot layer. Regular QLED TVs have a single backlight. A single backlight indicates that the black parts of a picture frame cannot be turned off. Thus, no true black color is achieved. As a result, blacks appear dark gray. Only some high-end QLED TVs use a full array backlight. They consist of dozens of backlight zones. This permit true black in the turned-off zones. However, it can produce a halo effect around bright objects in an otherwise dark frame.

Compared to regular QLED TVs, Neo QLED TVs use QLED panels with a Mini-LED backlight. The Mini-LED backlight is divided into hundreds or thousands of distinct zones. Each zone can achieve higher brightness levels. Furthermore, the backlight in such zones can be turned off separately. This allows for true blacks in completely dark portions of the picture frame. Whereas the higher backlight brightness helps to achieve higher peak brightness for brighter parts of the image.

Neo QLED TVs have a higher number of backlight zones which results in better control of blooming. Given this feature specification, Neo-QLED TVs provide deeper blacks, an improved contrast ratio, better-blooming control, and higher peak brightness than regular QLED TVs.