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What is Micro LED display technology?


Micro LED display is a flat panel display technology. It is based on collections of microscopic LEDs that give rise to individual pixel elements. The microscopic LEDs consist of small red, blue, and green LEDs. Each LED resembles one pixel on the display. The Micro LED display tech doesn’t require any background illumination because the pixels are similar to the ones presented in OLED and plasma displays. Besides these attributes, the pixels are dimmable and self-luminescent. Moreover, they can be turned off completely.

Micro LED and Mini LED displays are two separate technologies. Most people confuse them with the same tech. Mini LED is basically a backlight technology. It consists of an array of White Mini LEDs that permit more control over the LCD backlight. In this way, a Mini LED controls the backlight via various dimming zones.

On the other hand, the Micro LED display tech is emissive. It is similar to an AMOLED. A Micro LED panel is provided with tiny individual-colored Micro LEDs. These individual Micro LEDs build the color image and emit light. It is quite close to an AMOLED on a smartphone that can be accessed in the TV market.

Besides this, the Micro LED display tech holds great benefits. They are as follows:

  • It offers excellent color reproduction
  • It provides great viewing angles
  • It presents the perfect blacks
  • It provides the best image quality

The image quality presented by Micro LED display tech is way too good in contrast to the one presented by QD-OLED and QLED. It appears that this tech is going to change the future of Samsung TVs.

However, it has a disadvantage as compared to QLED and QD-OLED display technology. It is more expensive than the others. But with the changing times, the tech is evolving. So, we can anticipate that in the future the Micro LED display tech become affordable. Presently, Micro LED panels are used in some of the most expensive TV models by Samsung.

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