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How China Is Turning In To Saudi Arabia?

One day a news comes from a modern, advanced, second biggest Super Power in the world, China, that ‘WhatsApp is blocked in the country’. At a similar time, a news circulates from the most conservative country in the world that ‘Saudi Arabia lifts WhatsApp ban from the country’.

Another day the news in town is that the technologically advanced nation, China has banned bitcoin and any other cryptocurrency in the world. Quite simultaneously Saudi Arabia announces an amazing news ‘Women in Saudi Arabia are permitted to drive’.

Yet another depressing news from China was this, ‘China bans 85 million members of Communist party to have any kind of religious beliefs’. While Saudi Arabia announced a beach resort project where women can enjoy in bikinis. Abaya will not be compulsory.

The list is long. China asking Apple to ban its VPN services from China App Store, oppressing children who use the excessive internet while Saudi Arabia allowing its women to attend national day celebrations, giving the inhabitants internet access again.

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So a label was put on Saudi Arabia for quite long that there is no freedom of speech and religion in the country, that women are oppressed and not given their proper rights in Saudi Arabia. Now, isn’t China restricting its people from their rightful freedom? Isn’t the Chinese government controlling the people’s right to religion and speech just like Saudi Arabia in the past? Quite recently all news from China is about how the country has banned yet another luxury and how Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban from yet another cruelty.  Which raises one question, is China turning into Saudi Arabia?