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How Much Google Adsense Can Pay for 100K Visitors per Month?

How much I can earn with Google Adsense is a very common question posed by majority of bloggers especially beginners. Adsense can either change your life by increasing income or it can prove a total waste of time. Indeed, it is a great way to generate income online. However, no one can precisely calculate the monthly earning as there are many factors which affect Google Adsense earning. Let’s assume your blog or website has 100,000 each month so how much you can earn? In this post we will give you a rough idea.

Requirements for Google Adsense

For running Google Adsense you have to fulfill three essential requirements which are given below:


Website Complying with Adsense Guidelines

You have to create a blog or website which is compliant with the Adsense guidelines. Google Adsense has a comprehensive list of policies related to content being published on the website or blog, copyright laws, placement of ads, traffic sources and many others. If you want to build a career as a publisher, you have to make sure your blog or website does not violate any of these policies.

High Quality Content

Besides having an adsense compliant website or blog, it should have lots of unique and high quality content published on regular basis. At the moment, content not only includes text but images and videos as well. But, Google prefers original text content in form of articles, blog posts or how to guides. Text should be the main part of your website but you can add images and videos to this text.

Lots of Traffic

To generate good revenue from Adsense, your website needs lots of visitors. As per expert opinion, if a website receives only few hundreds of views each day, it is not suitable for adsense. If your website fulfills first two requirements, you can run adsense but you won’t be able to earn a living.

So, if you want to have a successful career as a professional publisher your website should be good, it should have original content and many visitors should visit your website on daily basis.

There are many factors which affect your Adsense earning. But first you have understand few key terms and how to calculate Adsense earning.

Terms You Need to Know

Following are some basic terms you need to understand for calculating your earning:


It is a term used to determine how many time visitors have accessed a webpage on your website or blog. This is the data Google collects in your Adsense report each time a visitor views a webpage displaying ad copy. Irrespective of how many ads you are displaying on a single page, Google will count as one pageview.

For instance, one of your webpage is showing four different Google ads and it is viewed thrice. It will generate three pageviews instead of one in Adsense report.


As the term indicates, for the standard ad copies click will be counted as how many times visitors have clicked on those ads. However, for link units, click will be counted when a visitor after choosing a link in the unit clicks on any ad present on the page of ads.

Clickthrough Rate or Page CTR

CTR = (Clicks / Number of views, impressions, or queries) * 100%

For instance, 100 page views have been made but you have on received 8 clicks, your CTR for the page would be 8%.

Cost Per Click or CPC

Google Adsense report provides a calculated amount which the advertiser has to pay the publisher when an ad is clicked. This is called Cost per click. Simply it means the amount spent to get the ad clicked by the user.

Generally advertiser bids on the targeted keyword relevant to their products and services. The PPC ads are either displayed in search engine results with the relevant content or on the website as banner ads.

Page Revenue per Thousand Impressions or Page RPM

For calculating your page revenue per thousand impressions (RPM), you have to divide your estimated earnings with the number of page views you have received in any given period, then multiply the result by 1000.

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Page views) * 1000

For instance, you have earned an estimated $5 from 200 page views, then the RPM would be ($5/200) * 1000, or $25.00.

Calculated Adsense Earning with 100,000 Visitors Each Month

Let’s assume you have optimized your content for keyword ”backlink checker” with cost per click (CPC) of $0.05.

You are receiving more or less 3300 daily visitors and out of which 70 click on the given ads and RPM of this keyword is $3.5. So, how much would you earning.

Here is a rough way to check your RPM

Estimated earning= CPC x Clicks

RPM = (Estimated earnings / pageviews) * 1000

Adsense Earning

It would be = (Pageviews x RPM)/1000

= (3300 x 3.5)/1000= $11.55


Factors Affecting Adsense Earning

Every time a user clicks on your published Adsense ad, you will be paid a certain amount of money by Google. This amount varies between few cents to few dollars. The amount you will make from Adsense depends on the number of clicks on your ads.

However, the extent of that amount will depend on few factors:

Volume of Visitors

Of course the more users visit your website the more your adsense earning; there are greater chances of getting clicks on any of the published ads.

Type of Traffic

It is as much important as the volume of visitors. When you are running an adsense campaign, you not only need any type of traffic but this should be targeted traffic as well. This means you need visitors who are looking to purchase something or want a solution to their problems and they visit your website for help. This type of traffic is more likely to click on Adsense ads than people who are visiting just to read news or checking your forums.

Ad Placements

The locations and type of published ads is also important. The ads you include in the main text of the webpage get more views and have a higher click through rate as compared to those ads which are located in the sidebar.

Ad placement is very significant but you should not take risks for getting higher CTR. You should read guidelines and policies of Adsense related to placement of ads and follow them. Also you should keep in mind; those websites which have more ads above the fold are being punished by Google.

This means you can earn more by placing ads above the fold but you should avoid overdoing it. One adsense unit with below ad placements is enough.

Adsense experts suggest that you should place an ad at the end of any article or blog post in a content rich website. This is one of the best positions and you would also get better CTR without violating any policies.


Type of Website

This factor is related to type of traffic. It makes a huge difference in the revenue you are going to make through Adsense. For instance, a website displaying only funny images and videos will make less Adsense revenue as compared to websites with in-depth articles.

All of the above discussion is not only helpful for beginners but also for professionals. These factors determine how much you can earn with your Adsense account.

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