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How to Do More with Your Phone to Help You Work Towards Your Master’s Degree in Nursing Education

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For many people who are involved in the nursing profession, gaining a master’s degree can be the chance to choose a specialist area they want to focus on for the rest of their career and to build on the experience they have already gained by working as a registered nurse. There are all kinds of disciplines in nursing that people on this career path can choose from, but one option is to get a master’s degree in nursing education. This route is geared towards nurses who want to work in roles that include teaching and training future nurses, and it includes both medical and teaching theory.

What is interesting in terms of technology is that nursing master’s degrees have become among the most popular degrees for people to do online rather than on college campuses. This means that more and more nurses looking to further their career progress by specializing with a master’s are now studying from home or on the go using mobile tech, and this includes those doing an online masters in nursing education.

If you are a student trying to find efficient and effective ways of working towards online masters like this one, you may want to incorporate your phone into the ways that you organize yourself and study. If you are doing a master’s in nursing education, you’ll probably also find it interesting to consider different approaches that your own future nursing students may be able to apply for themselves.

You can even use that time to pump up some life-saving skills that will help you improve your qualifications as well as make your studying easier. A BLS certification can be acquired online in under an hour so why not make the best of your spare time and add the certificate to your CV.

Below are some tips for letting any smartphone become a useful aid while you’re trying to earn your online nursing education degree.

Get in the Habit of Making All ‘Dead Time’ Study Time

While studying any degree with keeping you busy, this is especially true if you are trying to juggle your master’s course around looking after a family or working. However, no matter how busy your lifestyle is, you’ll be amazed at how much time you can squeeze out of each day if you use what would normally be ‘dead time’ to study in bite-sized portions using your phone. Are you waiting for the bus? Waiting for your child to finish messing around putting their shoes and coat on to go out? Are you waiting for your bath to run or for the water to boil for the pasta you’re about to cook?

What you should consider before jumping into a nursing course

These few minutes where you’d normally be waiting around doing nothing, in particular, can be times to get in the habit of whipping out your phone and reading something you have queued up that relates to your course, to watch a five-minute video, to do an exercise, or to proofread a part of an essay. You won’t be able to study for your degree using dead time alone, of course, but building the habit of using your phone will mean you are adding possibly even hours per week to the time spent working on your course without making any sacrifices, and you are also keeping your mind alert by thinking about course-related things very regularly throughout the day.

Get Media of Different Lengths Lined Up

You’ll have materials you want to read, lectures you want to watch, and all kinds of other things related to your degree that you might want to give some time to. From the latest news in the nursing education sphere to podcasts and other materials about the topics you are currently looking at on your course, there’s a lot to get through.

Having folders of media of different types and lengths saved up on your phone will allow you to match these to the time you have and can make it easy for you to multitask. For instance, if you have a one-hour-long podcast you want to listen to, you can choose this to play when you are working out at the gym. If you have a chapter of a textbook you want to revise that will take about twenty minutes to read, you can choose this when you have a twenty-minute bus ride. You may choose to read a shorter piece in the bath.

Using your phone to view different types of media is by no means a new way to study, but preparing playlists and organizing pre-loaded materials by length means you won’t waste any of your valuable time choosing what to do when you want to study on the go.

Use Productivity Apps

Your phone can still be useful in your online studies even when you are settling down at your desk to do a focused study session on your computer. You can use your phone to make the best use of study and working approaches like the Pomodoro Technique, where you work intensely for 25 minutes, then take a five-minute break, and then repeat.

This can be a good way to keep you from procrastinating and wasting time during your study or writing sessions for your course, and there are plenty of Pomodoro apps available for both Android and iOS that can be used to time your sessions without needing to have other distracting windows or tabs open on the laptop you are using to study. Your phone can also help you get into habits that can help you beat procrastination.

If you forbid yourself from opening anything on your computer that isn’t course-related during your study periods, you can restrict checking social media or any kind of entertainment to only being done on your phone during your designated breaks. This can allow you to feel like you’re not missing out on any important news without having to have things open on your PC that you’re going to feel compelled to look at when you should be studying!

These are just a few ways that your phone can be used to train you into super productive habits that can help you work smarter when you are working towards that all-important master in nursing education!