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How to Download the Copy of your Facebook Data

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Facebook knows almost everything about you. From the posts, you liked to comments you made, pages you visited, pictures you posted to everything you searched for. Everything, all the data has been saved by Facebook.

How to Download the Copy of your Facebook Data

If you want to have a copy of your Facebook data, you can easily request it.

Here is the procedure

  • Log in to your Facebook Account
  • On the top-right of the Facebook Page, you will find an arrow
  • Tap the arrow and select Settings
  • Then Select “Your Facebook Information”
  • Select “Download Your Information”
  • Click “Download a Copy”

Beware to check everything so that all your Facdebook history is downloaded

Now from here, Facebook users can download the copy of everything that they have posted till date from photos, videos, like, comments, each and everything.

Once you have requested download of your Facebook data, Facebook will compile all your date and then send a link of a file to your email address. It can take a couple of days, so you will have to wait.

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It is important to note that after the Facebook scandal and data breaches, people have become extremely conscious while using the social media app. They don’t feel that their data is safe & secure, thus many of the users have started requesting for a download of all their activities on Facebook.