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How to Improve Employee Performance in Today’s Challenging Climate


Building a successful team is a two-way street. Your employees are responsible for using their experience and skills to reach the company’s goal. As a manager, your responsibility is to offer fair compensation for their work. However, compensation alone isn’t enough to motivate employees to perform their best, especially in today’s challenging economic state.

According to Harvard Business Review, many companies are struggling in 2022, and “leaders are noticing the sense of gloom and angst on their teams and wondering what they can do to curb the demoralization.” Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize this issue. Consider the following steps to improve employee performance in today’s modern climate.

Offer More Than Just Money

Compensation plays a significant role in any job, motivating employees to perform their tasks effectively. However, companies need to offer more than just money if they want their team to stay motivated.

Offer attractive bonuses, opportunities for growth, incentives to perform better, and recognition for achievements to help your team reach its maximum potential. Providing your employees with various incentives can motivate them to be more productive, resulting in happier employees and more success for your business.

Give Your Employees a Voice

Your employees may feel demoralized at the workplace if their voice remains unheard. Asking employees for feedback is one of the best ways to implement necessary changes and show your team that you value them. This can allow employees to share their concerns, and their productivity levels may increase if you listen to them.

If you feel that your employees may feel uncomfortable voicing their feedback directly, set up an anonymous survey system. Use the results and create action plans in response to the feedback. Consider discussing the suggestions provided by your employees with other managers and develop the following steps to turn the plan into action.

Prioritize Culture Alignment

Organizational culture contributes to a company’s operations. It is a shared experience that develops over time, so your employees play a significant role in sustaining your company’s culture. It’s important for the employees you hire to align with your company’s culture. If their values don’t align with yours, they are less likely to be motivated at work.

Working with a specialized recruitment agency is the key to finding the right employees. Recruitment agencies like IQ PARTNERS have extensive knowledge in the field, allowing them to use their expertise when matching companies with suitable candidates. IQ PARTNERS commit to proactively recruiting superstars who can add value to your team. 

Instead of focusing on filling a role, they identify a shortlist of potential candidates and utilize a proprietary candidate assessment tool called smartFACTOR™ that scores the candidate three critical attributes critical to success in today’s workplace. This allows them to find the right employees whose values will likely align with yours.

Provide Necessary Resources

Your employees cannot be successful at their job with limited resources. You must offer the right tools to set them up for success. This includes access to technologies that improve collaboration, tools that speed up workflow, and frequent learning opportunities through training. Lack of training demotivates employees and leads to higher employee turnover, low rates of production, and increased business expenses. So, it’s important to empower your employees with the necessary resources to help them perform at their maximum potential.

The best way to foster a healthy work environment that allows employees to perform their best is by understanding their needs and acknowledging their contributions. Use this guide to help your employees thrive in the workplace.

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