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How to lose weight using Technology?

Smart Scale:

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It is a gadget that connects to Apple or Android phones. The aim of the smart scale is to keep track of your weight continuously. As per a study from POLS the more often a person on diet keeps track of his weight, the more quickly he/she will lose weight.

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Food Scanner:

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When you are eating food you never realize how much calories you are gaining. Scio is a food scanner that can scan food and tell you their exact calorie content. When a person will know this they will be extra careful while eating such food.

 Fitness Tracker:

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The fitness tracker is a motivation for those on an exercise routine to keep going. You can track your fitness activity, give reminders to move, and compare your fitness routine with those of your friends. The motivation is the essential factor for weight loss. https://www.globosurfer.com/best-waterproof-fitness-trackers/ 

Portion Control Plate:

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Food Portion Plate helps a person to control overeating. It is important that one eats the appropriate portion size and for this portion control plate option.

Google Home:

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We say Google has an answer to everything and it is actually true. If you have Google Home or device with Google Assistant, you just need to say “OK Google, I want to talk to Fitstar.” You say this and Google will take you through a workout for 7 minutes.