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Google Chrome will get ad-blocking feature

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Google first revealed its plans to introduce its own ad-blocking feature to Chrome earlier this year in April. A part of their commitment to better Ads standards instead of allowing third-party ad blockers to take control Google itself is going to regulate standards in advertisement landscape. Google is expected to launch the ad-block feature to Chrome browser on February 15, 2018.

The new feature in Chrome wouldn’t block all the ads as per user’s choice but only the ads that seem aggressive by the coalition for Better Ads, this coalition has members including Google, Facebook, Washington Post, Procter & Gamble and some groups from the advertising industry.

Ad blocker features

According to the Better Ads standards, the ads wouldn’t pop-up nor will it cover the web content from being displayed until the timer ends, ads that cover the major portion of the website would also be discarded along with video ads that play audio automatically.

Also, the native ad-blocking feature in Chrome wouldn’t disable tracking users. Google said in a blog post that the company is starting native ad-blocking on Chrome by February 15.

Chrome Ad-blocker for Android

Google has already rolled out ad blocker in Android Chrome browser, it was first spotted in August. The Chrome ad-blocker allows users to block popups and block ads from the sites that tend to show intrusive ads.