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How to Make Your Team Happy | 10 Ways to Satisfy Employees in 2023


The 2019 year has become challenging for most employees and organisations as well. Due to COVID-19, many people lost their jobs; organisations had to move to remote conditions and find the best talents to keep their business in demand during market challenges. As a result, more and more people are turning to freelance work, making it much harder for companies to hire qualified experts.

While a high salary is definitely a great motivator for experts, modern employees understand their value and want more benefits from the employer. Companies, especially HR departments, should consider creating a benefits package for their new staff. In addition, it is essential to make employees happy and satisfied with their working conditions.

Having flexible working hours, work-life balance, being transparent about issues and goals, offering cool benefits, and saying “we appreciate your work” are only a few of the things modern companies should consider to boost employee morale. Check all of them below:

Prioritise work-life balance

To create a happier, more productive workplace, you need to offer flexible working hours. This will allow them to achieve a better work-life balance. Flexible working hours don’t mean starting to work whenever they want. It usually means they can start their day somewhere between 8 am and 10 am.

In addition, you need to encourage employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance by reducing the load if you notice some of them feel overwhelmed and sit in the office for too many hours.

Make Employees Part of the Big Picture

The best thing you can apply for in 2023 is making your employees part of the big picture. We all know that each team member has a unique impact on the overall success or failure of the company. However, not every employee understands that, especially when employers don’t show this to them.

As a result, consider benefits like clear and frequent communication on business happenings, individual and department direction, KPIs, and understanding of how a particular work can lead to success.

Be Transparent and Honest

Feedback is essential for employees. If you want to achieve results and boost the productivity of your teams, the head of the department should provide detailed feedback regarding employee results. Staying honest and transparent about all processes in the company and also sharing what you’ve learned allows organisations to handle better and address the issue.

Offer Health Cover

We all know that COVID-19 is still here. In addition, the healthcare situation in the world seems unstable, so people are required to take care of their wellness. All modern companies should understand that covering health payments is really costly for most employees, so mosaichealth.io offers a new model of health cover that can be an excellent choice for your teams. This will not only boost their loyalty but also help you attract the best talents in the pool.

More Vacation Days

This point also applies to work-life balance. People need a vacation to recharge and relax, so they will be able to come back refreshed and with new ideas.

Since most companies offer a few days of vacation, employees can become sicker, less productive, less focused, and may even become depressed and anxious. You can lose quality employees due to their mental burnout caused by too hard work.

Encourage Communication 

Since COVID-19 makes people isolated and remote work only worsens the situation, people find it hard to not communicate with their colleagues. However, proper communication (even in remote conditions) has shown a positive effect on most business processes, increasing the effectiveness of departments.

We also recommend casual conversations in the break room or meetings outside the office since it will help your teams feel more connected and resolve questions faster. 

Provide a Career Pathway

There is research showing that providing employees with a detailed career pathway can greatly improve results. However, creating career pathways doesn’t mean KPIs solely. You should provide employees with developmental support, training, courses, and mentors.

You don’t need to make employees feel that there are no career opportunities for them in your company since they won’t work long with you. When you hire an expert, you need to think about how they will develop their skills and what opportunities they will have in the future.

Create a Positive Work Environment

Happy employees make clients happy. But since we are all different and have different ideas, arguments can appear from time to time. However, only healthy arguments can appear within teams.

Therefore, you need to create a positive work environment within the organisation, offering people to discuss their ideas in a healthy way with no insults. This can be done by bringing a company’s culture, so employees can explore new rules and apply them. 

Always Appreciate Employees

Even though employees know their impact, we all want to feel appreciated and valuable to the team. A high salary won’t satisfy their ego and their meaning to the team. Therefore, you can create daily shoutouts for the best employees of the team.

In fact, a positive culture, happy employees, and a feeling of value from their work can encourage teamwork and communication while also allowing teams to learn from each other and deliver the best results.

Consider Benefits Beyond 

To attract the best talents in the pool, you need to offer unique working opportunities for your specialists. While all benefits we mentioned above are valuable and can make your employee happy, you don’t necessarily need to stop on them.

Consider offering relocation, providing a pet-friendly office, benefits for family members, including specific techniques in the working process, and gifts at important events, to name a few.

Wrapping Up

The working market is moving rapidly, making it hard for some companies to find and hire top-notch specialists. However, the market is also highly competitive, so every company needs the most qualified experts to gain revenue. Therefore, organisations have to consider creating the best working conditions.

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