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How to take a screenshot on Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 5

Galaxy Watch 4 and Active 4

Taking screenshots on a smartphone is easy. nearly all of us use this feature from time to time. Either we capture a screenshot to save it for ourselves or we take a screenshot to share it among our family and friends. But one of the surprising elements that many users might not be aware of is that you could even capture a screenshot on your Galaxy smartwatch. However, the method of taking a screenshot is different in both Samsung’s Tizen-powered Gear smartwatches and Wear OS-powered Galaxy smartwatches.

Hold the physical buttons. Your screenshot is captured.

For Galaxy Watch 4 and other Galaxy watches running on Wear OS, you can capture the screenshot by pressing the home and back buttons simultaneously. Owing to the circular design of Samsung smartwatches, the captured screenshot appears in a circular image and is saved in a similar manner. So, the process is simple and convenient given that the smartwatch is already on your wrist.

Ultimately, you could share the screenshots with your connected devices. Open the Gallery app on your watch. Long press the image you want to share. Go for single or multiple selections. Tap on the arrow pointing toward the right. It will be provided with a phone icon right behind it. When you click on the “send to phone” button, the file will be immediately transferred from your Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5. The following feature should work for the latest Samsung smartwatches powered by the Wear OS.

The screenshots from the smartwatches are stored in the Watch folder present in the Gallery app of the smartphone. If you can’t find the respective folder on your smartphone, just open the Recent folder in your phone’s Gallery. The screenshots will be right there.

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