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Google News app coming soon on your Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5

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If you are interested in everyday news and want to keep in touch with updated information about the world, you would be interested in the Google News app on your smartwatch.

Yes, your Galaxy smartwatch will soon provide you with access to the Google News app.

Samsung deviated its interest from Tizen to Wear OS for its smartwatches. This decision is proving to be highly beneficial. As of now, smartwatches by Samsung have much more access to apps and services. It is relatively a huge triumph compared to when it had Tizen for Galaxy Watches. Most of the developments and updates are contributed by Google’s first-party apps. In the future, the company aims to bring more apps to the Galaxy smartwatches.

A current report has unveiled that Google is working on the development of the Google News app for the Wear OS smartwatches. According to the news, it looks like a simplified version of the News app like the one available on Android. Users can browse different news stories, and the article’s featured images and some text. If you want to read more about a particular article, you can access the source button. The respective article will open on the paired smartphone in the Google News app.

The visual appearance of the app bears a resemblance to Google’s first-party apps for Wear OS 3 smartwatches. In fact, the app is not available on the Play Store yet. Some users accessed it by using the Google Assistant hack. It gave us a glimpse of how the future app might look when it’s released.  Soon the app will be ready to be installed on your Wear OS 3.

Google and Samsung collaborated and developed the Wear OS 3 system. It was done so to expand the platform of wearable smartwatches for Android users. among the Galaxy watches, Galaxy Watch 4 series were the first smartwatch based on Wear OS 3. A few days back, Google pixel launched by Google is another commitment to Wear OS. In the future, we can expect multiple brands to launch their Wear OS 3-based smartwatches.