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How To Teach Your Child About Internet Safety

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Young children having access to the Internet, in general, is quite terrifying. With so many predatory people hiding behind the anonymity the internet provides, protecting young children is essential. Additionally, it is well-known that the Internet is filled with offensive and inappropriate content that is unsafe for young generations to access.

ExpressVPN’s survey reveals that parents of young children find it difficult to let their children use social media without their supervision, and 54% of parents revealed to monitor their children’s online activity daily. It is undeniable that the Internet is not a safe place. That is why the prospect of young users having unrestricted access to the Internet is scary. This can lead to exposure to inappropriate content, and children fall prey to grooming activities and bullying.

Why Can Social Media Be Dangerous?

The Internet is quite essential for multiple reasons these days. Be it communicating with friends through social media or finding content to study, the Internet is quite helpful. Despite the need to access the Internet, it can not be denied that the anonymity that the Internet provides can be scary. With a substantial increase in online scamming and grooming activities, it has become important for parents to safeguard their children on the Internet.

Tips To Teach Children About Internet Safety!

When it comes to protecting younger children on the Internet, there are some preventive measures that can be taken. Parents can set up age restrictions or block certain websites. Setting up parental controls on websites can also help protect younger children from the dangers of the Internet. However, it is essential to teach children about the dangers that they face online.

First and foremost, it is crucial to have healthy and open communication with your children. This will ensure that they will try to understand your reasons for restricting Internet access. Make sure to tell them what they should not do online and why. Simply asking children not to do certain activities online is not enough; you must also try to explain the reasons.

Ensure your child will approach you or any other adult if they face online bullying. Additionally, teach them not to reveal private information like their address, name, or age. Some children have admitted that people have tried to ask them about their school or home addresses on social media. This paints a picture of how unsafe it can be for children online.

Set certain boundaries for your children while accessing the Internet. Ask children not to have conversations with people they do not know; if they are talking to a stranger, they need to tell you about it. This way, parents will be aware of any suspicious people who might be interacting with their children. Setting boundaries for your children while accessing the Internet is necessary to protect them from online dangers.


Knowing that the Internet is unsafe for children is scary, but you can not wholly restrict them from using it. That is why educating young children about the various dangers of the Internet is important. If your children are aware of their online issues, they will be more inclined to stay safe and share any problems with you.