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Vivaldi 5.7 allows to play videos in the background

Vivaldi is a quite popular mobile browser and keeps getting updates from time to time. With Vivid 5.7, a new feature was added that allows users to play videos in the background. This long-awaited feature is now available to users.

This browser is quite popular in terms of mobile browsers. It may not be as popular in comparison to Chrome, but it’s surely a great alternative to it. This browser keeps getting updates regularly, just like any other browser. These browsers are constantly updated with new features.

Vivaldi 5.7 lets users play videos in the background

While working, we often tend to play music in the background. But if we need to pause it to switch tabs, it’s a real challenge. Especially if you are following along with a video tutorial. This feature is now available with Vivaldi 5.7.

A blog was published by the company that contains all the details related to this latest release. With this latest update, you are now able to keep the video playing even when you minimize the application. However, you need to turn this feature on from the settings, or else your video will be paused when tabs are switched.

As per information from the blog, this feature is also applicable to YouTube videos. Although YouTube charges for playing videos in the background, But with this feature, you can enjoy YouTube videos in the background even if you’re not a premium subscriber.

This feature will let you play videos from all video streaming apps, including YouTube. You can keep checking for this update if you’re a user of this browser.

Many other apps already provide this option, but in the case of Vivaldi 5.7, you can actually login to these video streaming apps using browser mode. As it’s a quite popular feature. We hope that you will soon be able to experience it through Vivaldi.

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