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How to transfer your mobile data to your PC by using Wifi

Wifi File Transfer, a quick way to transfer your mobile phone’s data to your PC, rather than connecting your mobile and PC through data cable.

Wifi File Transfer allows you to easily transfer mobile’s data to your PC by using your Wifi network quickly. The app is easily available on the Android Play Store and has 10 million downloads.

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Follow the steps;

Step 1: Install the app on the play store

Step 2: Tap on the “Start” on the app screen

Step 3: Note down the IP address shown on the app screen for example

Step 4: Now go to your PC’s browser (anyone you like) and paste or type the mobile’s IP address

Step 5: Navigate to the desired folder and click on the download button next to the file’s name

If you want to transfer more than one files, just create a zip file and download the single. After downloading complete you can easily unzip files. You can also set a password to protect your mobile storage.

The app allows you to access your Mobile’s internal storage as well as SD card storage.

Note: Your Mobile device and PC should be connected to the same network to transfer files over Wifi. If Wifi network is not available then you can just turn your mobile hotspot on and connect your pc to mobile’s Wifi to transfer data.