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HP Instant Ink Prices: HP increases printer cartridge subscription prices

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Printer manufacturer HP is currently notifying its Instant Ink customers about an upcoming price increase in subscription fees. Not only is the entry-level rate reduced in terms of printable pages, popular cartridge service rates are also becoming up to 33 percent more expensive.

If you don’t want to buy relatively expensive, original printer cartridges separately, you can opt for HP’s so-called Instant Ink service. For a monthly base fee between 0.99 euros and 49.99 euros, the manufacturer supplies its customers with ink and laser toners and promises savings of up to 70 percent compared to individual purchases. However, depending on the rate chosen, the pages that can be printed are limited. Now subscribers are also learning about a price increase. Printer Cartridge Subscription: What is HP Instant Ink? (Note: old prices)

The price adjustments will be implemented already in February

The upcoming price adjustments will be announced by email, which will increase the base rate, especially in popular rates to 50 pages per month (2.99 euros per month) and 100 pages (4.99 euros per month). The prices increase by one euro per month to 3.99 euros and 5.99 euros respectively.

An increase to 33 percent. In addition, Hewlett-Packard (HP) limits the contingent of the entry-level tariff that is available to 0.99 euros. Where previously 15 pages per month could be printed, the company will only allow 10 pages from February 2022. The rates for frequent (300 pages) to high volume (1500 pages) printing with a price range of 11.99 euros to 49.99 euros will remain unchanged.

The same goes for accumulating unused page capacity, which can last up to three months. The modified bestseller rates may accumulate 30 pages (0.99 euros), 150 pages (3.99 euros) or 300 pages (5.99 euros) if the quota has not been used up in the past few months. The price per side changes as follows.

HP Instant Ink – Prices from February 2022

monthly price price / page Further pages
(for 1 euro)
10 pages
(instead of 15 pages)
€0.99 9.9 cents
(instead of 6.6 cents)
10 pages 30 pages
(instead of 45 pages)
50 pages € 3.99
(instead of € 2.99)
8.0 cents.
(instead of 6.0 cents)
10 pages 150 pages
100 pages € 5.99
(instead of €4.99)
6.0 cents.
(instead of 5.0 cents.)
10 pages 300 pages
300 pages €11.99 4.0 cents. 10 pages 900 pages
500 pages €18.99 3.8 cents 10 pages 1,500 pages
700 pages € 24.99 3.6 cents. 10 pages
(instead of 15 pages)
2,100 pages
1,500 pages €49.99 3.3 cents. 10 pages
(instead of 15 pages)
4,500 pages


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