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HTC pulls out the cheaper mobile market

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During the earning call made by HTC this week, it has announced that it will stop making the entry level smartphone this year. This news comes according to Phonescoop. HTC produces a range of affordable phones in the Pakistani market. HTC 10 and HTC desire 626 are pretty famous in the mobile market. However, the company says that it will shift to making high end and high margin mobile devices. This does not mean that it will not make cheaper phones but rather, points to a shift of priorities. Some of the mobile phones in the market in Pakistan include, ONE M10 and ONE M8 which are high end phones ranging from $500 to $600. The company is a Taiwanese manufacturer of windows and android phone which manufacturers other consumer electronics, the latest in the market being the virtual reality headset VIVE.

High end mobile market consists of Samsung and Apple

To many people in the tech industry this news is not shocking. It is not the first time that HTC has decided to shift priorities in smartphone production output. In 2012, the company reduced the handset output to a notable value. The focus of HTC shifted to top-tier smartphones. Now, HTC claims to release at least six or seven phones this year in the mobile market. So there are a lot of devices that are under wraps by the company. If you’re Pakistani or another South East Asian then look for another brand that caters to cheaper handsets because HTC clearly is reducing its stake in the cheaper mobile market and joining the likes of high-end brands.

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