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HTC U12: Price, Specifications and Release Date in Pakistan

HTC U12 or HTC Imagine is a new smartphone by HTC that is expected to launch in April 2018. Twitter user LlabTooFeR shared a list of specifications relating to the unveiled phone.  So in this article, we will discuss the price, specifications and release date HTC U12 in Pakistan.

As per the leaked info, HTC U12 will give a tough competition to the all popular devices released and yet to release in 2018.

HTC U12 will be powered by Snapdragon 845 processor. It is the same as that which is used in recently released Samsung Galaxy S9 and Sony Xperia XZ2. The phone will have 6Gb RAM and 256GB internal storage. As per the sources, the battery of HTC U12 will be 3,420 mAh. It is almost as huge as the S9+ battery.

It is also claimed that U12 will have a dual rear camera 12MP and 16MP respectively. Previously HTC was not much interested in dual rear camera tech style but now it seems that HTC is also adapting with time. So all of you can expect a dual rear camera HTC in its U12 smartphone. The front camera of the phone will be of 8MP.

Coming to the display of the phone it will have 5.99-inch QHD. Water resistant and dust feature with IP68 certification will be available. The features that will return in new HTC phone will Face Unlock option, Edge Sense 2.0, and the Sense 10 UI over Android 8.0.

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Now no official announcement has yet been made about the release of the phone but it is rumored that the phone will launch sometime in April. Once the phone launches in April, it will be seen in Pakistan by May 2018.

The expected price of HTC U12 is somewhere between $700 to S750, but this is just a guess. In Pakistani rupees, it will be around 80,000 to 90,000.