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Huawei Becoming A Tough Competitor For Apple

Apple is the second largest phone seller company in the world while Huawei is the third. Now the gap between both Apple and Huawei is diminishing and Huawei is becoming a tough competitor for Apple. In the second quarter of the year phones sold by Apple were 41 million, while Huawei sold 38.5 million phones in similar time.

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Huawei is an extremely popular brand in China and Europe. This is proven by the fact that Huawei came close to beating Apple. Huwaei statistics have gone up by 20% in comparison to last year same quarter while Apple has gone up by just 2%.

Apple has not much to worry as it has always lead in profit share. It is the most profitable smartphone company as it has largest brand equity. Now Apple’s power in China is diminishing. Huawei and OPPO are growing in China and taking over the rule of Apple.

Other than Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi have grown in China as well. Oppo sold 30.5 million smartphones in this quarter with a 33% increase while Xiaomi sold 23.3 million smartphones with 60% increase from previous year.

The smartphone industry is ruled by Samsung. It has maintained its top position in this quarter as well with phone sales amounting to 80.4 million. The South Korean competitor of Samsung, LG sold 13.3 million phones that are 600,000 less than the previous year same quarter.