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Huawei Gets Green Signal For 5G Infrastructure Development From UK Security Chiefs

US has been warning its allies to stay away from Huawei and its technological equipment for the past few years now, US rift with China and particularly Huawei has been promoted across the North America and Europe. The United States of America has started propaganda to ban Huawei last year.

Despite the US warnings about espionage the Chinese company might be doing on behalf of Chinese government, the UK security chiefs have shown a green signal to Huawei saying that its superfast 5G-technology could be contained, Guardian reported.

The US has been continuously pressurizing the UK for not using Huawei technology for critical infrastructure development convincing the allies that it could be quite risky. However, Huawei has made clear that the company is owned by public and not the Chinese government, it also offered to open a new cyber security center as well as invited foreign authorities to visit its lab in order to investigate any possible espionage that the foreign authorities have concerns about.

US, Australia and New Zealand have already taken steps to block Huawei from entering into their 5G infrastructure market but the UK seems to be more lenient towards Huawei as the National Cyber Security Centre which is a wing of GCHQ, will advise that the security risk by the Chinese government should be manageable.

Financial Times reported earlier that the authorities are likely to advise that the risks can be minimized.  

The advice if it unfolds the same way suggests that UK is likely to withdraw from the position of banning Huawei from supplying 5G technology equipment, while speaking to a security conference in Munich last week, MI6 Chief, Sir Alex Younger said the complete ban might not be necessary however, the issue has a catch he suggested.

The technical advised is provided by NCSC but the decision is in the hands of the government, the government is likely to conduct review of the telecom infrastructure which is due to release in spring.

According to NCSC spokesperson, “The National Cyber Security Centre is committed to the security of UK networks, and we have a unique oversight and understanding of Huawei engineering and cyber-security.

 “As was made clear in July’s Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) oversight board, the NCSC has concerns around Huawei’s engineering and security capabilities. We have set out the improvements we expect the company to make.“The authorities will publish the Annual HCSEC report in near future.”