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YouTube is more popular than Netflix and Apple amongst millennials

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According to a recent research conducted by a firm Mblm, YouTube is the most trusted and popular brand amongst millennials, this happended for the first time in the recent years that YouTube has gained in the annual study.

YouTube has gained two points jumped from the third place in 2018 to the first place leaving Netflix and Apple behind in final 2019 rankings.

YouTube has performed really well in the last couple of years according to the study, the company was placed at number 10 in 2017, the researchers said YouTube’s ability to entertain youth with YouTube Music and other new ways to connect is the possible reason for high ranking.

The study analyzed the responses of 6,200 customers and 56,000 brand evaluations across the 15 industries in United States, United Arab Emirates and Mexico. The company will release the full report by the end of this week, the study is considered a largest study based on brand emotions.

YouTube has evolved more than ever in the last few years focusing on all segments including millennials, one of the examples include YouTube Live. The other features like YouTube Stories playing an important role in popularity.

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According to Managing Director of Mblm, Mario Natarelli, “The brand has demonstrated an ability to entertain a diverse millennial audience through its extensive content. It is also continuing its expansion of services, including the launch of YouTube Music in 2018. Millennials in particular bond strongly with the media & entertainment industry and YouTube is doing a good job at building a brand that caters to the wants and needs of this audience.”

Apple comes at second place in the study followed by Netflix, the other brands that made their way to top ten list, including Disney, Nike, Target, Xbox, PlayStation, Google, and Walmart respectively. The study also acquired data for top three trusted brands amongst millennial men and women, men selected Xbox, PlayStation, and Spotify as their top three brands while women selected Target, Amazon, and Disney as their top 3 most trusted brands.

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