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Huawei launches Kunpeng 920 CPU the highest industry performer

Kunpeng 920 CPU

Huawei has unveiled its new ARM based Kunpeng 920 CPU which is specifically designed to be used in servers and data centers, the company is now focused on enhancing its chip making capabilities in order to reduce the stress on its imports and reliance on US based companies.

Huawei mainly sells telecom equipment and smartphones to boost its revenues, the company is pushing further in cloud computing and enterprise level services as the western countries see the company heavily influenced by the Chinese government which affects its equipment business.

There were several campaigns in the past started against Huawei where European markets started a ban on Huawei products, the US campaign to ban Huawei was also started a few weeks back which left the company in thought to see for other growth avenues.

Huawei has now officially unveiled its new Kunpeng 920 CPU based on ARM, the CPU is designed by Huawei’s subsidiary HiSilicon.

The Shenzhen-based company has a successful history in making Kirin chip series for Huawei’s high-end smartphones, the company has also launched Ascend series of chips for Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing in October last year.

The new Kunpeng 920 CPU is 7nm process built chip with 64-core central processing unit (CPU), according to the details the chip will provide higher levels of performance in data centers and reduce the power consumption significantly.

The chip’s architecture is based on British chip design firm ARM which is owned by Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp, the company’s strategic direction is to challenge the U.S. Chipmaker Intel.

According to Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer Willian Xu, “Huawei aims to enhance the development of ARM ecosystem; the chip Kunpeng 920 has significant advantages in power consumption and performance, he added.”

However, the company also wants to make long-term strategic relations with Intel, Xu said, “Huawei is focused on developing long-term relationships with Intel, the new ARM-based CPU is not a direct competitor to U.S. company’s x86 CPUs and servers but complementary.”

While commenting on Huawei’s past performance the President of the Intelligent Computing Business Redfox Qiu said, “Huawei has shipped more than 900,000 units of servers in 2018 as compared to 77,000 in 2012 when this business was started. Huawei’s server business is witnessing strong growth in Asia Pacific and Europe, he added.”

The company has also launched its TaiShan series of servers powered by the new Kunpeng 920 chip specifically designed for big data, ARM native applications and distributed storage.