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Reuters blogs are still Not Secure as per Google

Reuters Not Secure

Reuters is one of the world’s renowned media outlets when it comes to local, country and international news, but RS-NEWS has spotted a sub-domain of Reuters blogs.reuters.com which is NOT SECURE as per Google Chrome.

Technically speaking the word “Not Secure” simply means the website has not installed SSL Certificate on the domain which is now preferred by all browsers including Google.

The SSL, Secure Sockets Layer, provides an extra layer of security when connecting to the server, it is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between the web server and browser in an online communication environment. When there is no SSL Certificate installed on the web server the users connect to that website are prone to attacks and theft of other online data.

The main website of Reuters which is www.reuters.com is perfectly running on secure sockets layer https:// protocol, however, the sub-domain e.g. blogs.reuters.com are not. It would be quite surprising for many readers why the company has not protected its other domains with https://?

A company with millions of users per day has left it unattended and nonsecure which is simply negligence at the top level. It was also reported previously when a prominent media outlet in the United Kingdom Daily Mail was flagged Not Secure by Google, it was learned that company delayed installing the SSL Certificate on their website.