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Huawei Marine Conducts Survey For PEACE Submarine Internet Cable in Pakistan

Huawei Marine has started surveying for the Pakistan East Africa Cable Express (PEACE) project in Pakistan. The company has announced it on Wednesday in a press release.

It was reported last month that Pakistan will be linked with PEACE submarine cable system which is backed by China. The PEACE submarine cable system has the capacity of handling 60Tbps with the technology based on 200G DWDM. It is important to mention that currently, Pakistan cable systems have the capacity much lower than the PEACE cable system, AAE-1 locally partnered with PTCI has the maximum capacity of 40Tbps whereas, SMW-5 locally partnered with Transworld has the only 24Tbps capacity.

PEACE addition to Pakistan cable systems would phenomenally improve the communication systems and internet speeds in Pakistan. The first phase of PEACE will cover the 6200km network connecting Pakistan (Gwadar and Karachi) with Kenya, Somalia, and Djibouti. Further, it will be extended to 13000km reaching Egypt and Africa.

Huawei Marine is a joint venture between Huawei Technologies and Marine, the company is in partnership with EGS Ltd. To carry out the hydrographic and geophysical survey of the seabed along with the planned cable route.

To start the survey operations, the company’s specialized survey team RV Ridley Thomas has arrived in the region.

Zhang Hongxiang, Project Director for Huawei Marine said: “Implementation of the PEACE project has reached another important milestone which is the testament to our project delivery capabilities as Huawei Marine continues to provide efficient, high-quality network solutions for our customers. Our 200G WDM technology that will be deployed in the PEACE cable system will support the rapid development of the East African regional economy and facilitate connectivity between Asia, Africa, and Europe”.

Chris Welsh, CEO of EGS Survey Group stated that: “It is a great honor for us to participate in the PEACE submarine cable system project and work once again in partnership with Huawei Marine. EGS brings more than 25 years of extensive cable route survey experience and adheres to the highest professional standards. We are delighted to contribute to the construction of the new information highway.”

According to the reports, Pakistan’s leading telecom provider Jazz and Internet service provider Cybernet would be the local partners of the PEACE project. A High-echelon conference held in Dubai by PCCW Global, Huawei Marine and PEACE was attended by major stakeholders appeared to be the success of the project.

Pakistan’s telecom and internet landscape is currently served by 6 submarine cables, Pakistan has suffered a loss on various occasions due to internet outages and the cable faults under the sea previously.

The PEACE cable is expected to launch its services by the end of 2019, once added to Pakistan’s cable systems the country will see a major boost in internet connectivity, reliability, and speeds. The PEACE cable will definitely reduce the dependency on other submarine cables and also overhaul the country’s internet infrastructure.