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Huawei New Patent Shows Smart Lighting Technology For Folding Screen

Huawei Folding Patent

Huawei Technologies has published a patent for “a method and device for folding screen lighting“, with publication (announcement) number: CN112241194A. The patent abstract shows that the embodiments of the present application provide a folding screen lighting method and device, which relate to the field of terminals, are easy to operate and can protect the eyesight of users. 

The embodiments of the application are applied to electronic equipment including folding screens and lighting devices. The folding screens can be folded to form at least two screens. The two screens include a first screen and a second screen connected with one folded edge.

This patent is applicable to mobile phones of various forms such as outer folding and inner folding.

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According to the patent description, the purpose of this invention is to reduce the glare problem at the moment when the screen is turned on in a dark environment. The brightness of the mobile phone can be smoothly enhanced as the angle becomes larger, protecting eyesight and improving user experience. In this way, not only can the brightness change but also the colour gradient can be achieved. When the user opens the screen for 10°, the screen is displayed in red; as the angle becomes larger, the colour of the screen gradually transitions to orange and yellow.

the realization of this patent also requires a magnetic sensor, an acceleration sensor, a distance sensor, and an infrared diode proximity sensor, which can be combined with a mobile phone holster to automatically turn off and unlock the phone screen.

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