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Huawei Reveals its Own AI Chips

The leading Chinese mobile manufacturer & tech giant Huawei has revealed its own two new artificial intelligence chips at a conference in Shanghai. Huawei claims that its chips will give tough competition to other leading chipmakers including Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Intel Corp., Nvidia Corp., Qualcomm Inc., and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

According to Huawei, its new Ascend 910 chip is twice more powerful compared to Nvidia’s v100 which is its closest competitor. The other Huawei chip Ascend 310 will focus on devices like smartphones and smartwatches. The  Ascend 310 chip will be available immediately while the Ascend 910 chip will be launched in the second quarter of 2019. These chips will be sold as part of packages to third parties.

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The company’s rotating chairman Eric Xu in response to a question relating to competition with other chipmakers said, “Since we do not sell to third parties, there is no direct competition between Huawei and chip vendors. We provide hardware and cloud computing service.”

The new chips by Huawei are part of its plan to “greatly accelerate AI adoption in all industries” and enhance its cloud computing business.