Facebook brings 3D photos to the newsfeed for users

3D photos

In May amid its F8 gathering, Facebook declared that it was dealing with a component that would take an average 2D picture and influence it to seem three-dimensional when posted in the News Feed. Presently, it has started to take off 3D photos to everybody, enabling clients to “bring scenes to life with depth and movement.”

All you need to do is take a photograph in picture mode and afterward begin making another post on Facebook. Tap the menu symbol in the upper right of the post screen and select “3D Photo,” and that will convey you to the portrait photograph folder in your telephone. When you select the photograph you need, simply post it as you typically would, including a caption and sharing it to your feed.


You can perceive what 3D photos look like in the video above and you’ll have the capacity to see them in the News Feed and additionally in VR with Oculus Go or Oculus Rift. Facebook recommends utilizing photographs with different layers of depth, subjects that have differentiating hues to their experiences and subjects that have strong edges and surface.

That way, your subject will emerge all the more particularly from its experience, taking into account a more 3D look.

The capacity to make 3D photos is taking off now and it should reach everybody in the coming weeks. Be that as it may, everybody will have the capacity to see 3D photos beginning today. This will give chance to everyone to unleash their creative photography skills and make their timeline all the more wonderful. Facebook has already in place a 3D video viewing feature that gives the audience more in-depth experience through the videos shot.

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Image via 9 to 5 Mac